Our CSR Mission

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Ensuring socio-economic development of the community through different participatory and need- based initiatives in the best interest of the poor and deprived sections of the society so as to help them to become SELF-RELIANT and build a better tomorrow for themselves.


Ensuring environmental sustainability through ecological conservation and regeneration, protection & re growth of endangered plant species, and promoting biodiversity.

Our CSR Activities

The CSR activities we pursue will be in line with our stated Vision and Mission, focused not just around our plants and offices, but also in other geographies based on the needs of the communities.


The four focus areas where special Community Development Programmes would be run are:


Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition


Promoting Health care including Preventive Health care through awareness programmes, health check-ups, provision of medicine & treatment facilities, providing pre-natal & post-natal healthcare facilities, prevention of female feticide through awareness creation, program for preventing diseases and building immunity.Provisions for aids and appliances to the differently-able persons. Trauma care around highways in case of road accidents.


Ensuring environmental sustainability and ecological balance through :


Employment and livelihood enhancing vocational skills and projects including tailoring, beautician, mehndi application, bee keeping, food processing and preservation, vermi-composting and other Life Skill Training and livelihood enhancement projects. Capacity building for farmers covering best sustainable farm management practices and Training Agriculture Labour on skill development.

In addition, the Company has identified the following areas for Community Development interventions:


Promotion of education especially among children, women, elderly and the differently abled including:

  1. Promotions of Education, “Educating the Masses and Promotion of Road Safety awareness in all facets of road usage.
  2. Drivers’ training.
  3. Training to enforcement personnel.
  4. Safety traffic engineering and awareness through print, audio and visual media.
  5. Social Business Projects: “giving medical and Legal aid, treatment to road accident victims should be included.


Promoting gender equality and empowering women including:


Contribution or funds provided to technology incubators located within academic institutions which are approved by the Central Government.


Rural Development Projects.


Other Activities


Incidental Activities.


Such other activities as the Board may consider to be appropriate.

CSR Commitee

The composition of the CSR Committee is as follows:

Ms. Rekha Aggarwal

Independent Director


Mr. Shashi Kant Gupta

Whole Time Director


Mr. Kunal Gupta

Managing Director